Santa Broke My Roof…Now What?

A certain jolly old fella will be making his way to your home Tuesday night. That is, if you have been good all year. A man and his sleigh and some reindeer could be a lot more weight than your roof is used to. We also have to worry about all that snow we have been getting. What if your roof gets a hole? What if a portion or your whole roof collapses?

New Jersey Home InsuranceThe bad news is that Santa isn’t a covered peril on your New Jersey homeowners insurance. The good news is that things like snow and other falling objects would be. We will have to keep our fingers crossed that Santa, the sleigh and his reindeer don’t come falling into your home, but it is good to know that some other issues will be covered on your home insurance. The snow in New England can really add up and while we can only hope that we go through the winter without leaking or, worse, holes, sometimes it can be that pesky, heavy snow we tend to get.

Worried about the snow and your home insurance coverage? Give our agents a call at 888.865.1244! While it may be difficult to think of specific coverage situations you may run into this winter, situations like the above help you better understand your coverage. Knowing that if snow comes tumbling into your home through your roof, you will most likely be covered can help you feel confident in your policy. Almost like Santa’s elves, our knowledgeable insurance want you to be happy. They are always working to make sure you have the coverage you need, helping to answer questions about your policy, get you new quotes for policies, and even making sure they locate all of the discounts you are eligible for.

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