Save This Summer on CT Home Insurance & Air Conditioning

With this heat we’re about to get and many people will be cranking up their air conditioners to full blast. This will be a great relief after walking inside from a run, or simply from just being outside in general—it’s that hot. Unfortunately, this feeling of relief does not come without its costs – financial costs.

Electricity bills shoot up in the summer because of homeowners overusing air conditioners. “Mr. Electricity” offers us several tips on how to cut costs during the summer. Ceiling fans are a big help, their energy waste is minimal compared to air conditioners, and can help maintain cooler air after the AC is turned off.

Additionally, hopping in the shower for a quick rinse will help you cool off instantly and the cost of a cool shower is much less than waiting for the air conditioner to hit full blast. Also, using a fan at night or a timed AC can cut costs while you’re sleeping. Leaving the air conditioner on all night is unnecessary.

Since it will be so hot, it is tough to keep maintaining your home, I know I just want to sit in the air conditioning and relax. Remember to still take precautionary measures around the stove and oven when preparing meals, even though you’ll want to escape the heat. You don’t want to call your Connecticut home insurance provider just because you want to retreat to the air conditioner for a minute and left a cloth on the stove. Moreover, you don’t want to see a rise in your CT home insurance bill when you’re already seeing high electricity bill prices.

And remember; leave your car on for a minute or two before turning on the air conditioner. Most people assume this is only true for heating your car in the winter, the dashboard releases Benzene. Read more about Benzene at You won’t like harming your car this summer either and see your CT auto insurance bill rise during the summer along with your homeowner’s policy!

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