A Shark Attacked My Kayak…Now What?

This month we are talking all about crazy scenarios and the insurance coverage that would come into play if you got yourself into one of these crazy scenarios. Going on a vacation? April is a popular month to travel and with the weather in Massachusetts still not exactly feeling like spring you may escape to someplace much warmer.

insurance coverage Picture this: you have brought your kayak and are making your way through the ocean enjoying the adventure and you start to see a large fish in the water. As it makes its way closer you realize that is not a fish, it’s a shark. Once the shock fully hits your body you most likely start to panic, but stuck out there alone in your kayak there isn’t much you can do.

Would you be covered by insurance if you are the victim of a shark attack? The answer is yes. Your bodily injured will be covered under your health insurance, of course. If your kayak suffered damage or was destroyed it will be covered by your Massachusetts home insurance policy. You would be subject to your deductible so if it’s high, it isn’t worth it to make a claim. You would also lose a loss free credit if your company offers it, so it may not be worth it to make the claim.

An event like a shark attack doesn’t seem very likely to happen, but it’s good to know you’re covered if it did. The right insurance coverage is all about having the coverage there in the event that you do need it while we hope we don’t. Questions or need a quote? Call and talk to one of our agents at 888.865.1244!

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