Social Media Event a HUGE HIT!

Encharter Insurance and the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce teamed up last night for an event on Social Media Advertising and Internet Marketing. Judging by the size of the crowd and the energy in the room, the topic was of real interest to the 85 business owners in attendance. Kelly Donahue of Astonish Results did a terrific job explaining the importance of this new medium and helped audience participants understand how to best use new technology like Facebook©, blogging, Twitter©, YouTube©, etc. to their competitive advantage.

The use of free websites such as Facebook©, Twitter© and Wordpress© can really be used as a way of getting your name out there to your target audience without the stigma of the “hard sell”. You reach your consumers in their communities by becoming a part of their community and you humanize your business. It makes your business, your employees, and thus, your product/services more approachable. It’s the new “Work smarter, not harder” concept. If you embrace this new marketing method, the leads will come to you!

Continuing in the spirit of serving our community, Encharter has developed our Partners of Encharter program to help local business owners understand how to use internet marketing to grow their business for free. At no cost to you, we will help you start a Facebook© page, a Twitter© page, a blogging site, and we will advertise a special offer from your business on our website for FREE! All we ask is that you put link to our website on your site. That’s it!

If you’re interested in learning more about Encharter’s Partners Program and how we can help you use social media to market your business, call us at 888-865-1244! You can also visit our social media sites on Twitter©, Facebook©, and Youtube© to see how we’re embracing this new marketing strategy and let us know what you think!

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