Someone Was Injured in My Pool…Now What?

Many homeowners want to improve their outdoor space by putting in a pool over the summer. You should contact an agent before putting in a pool and let them know about your renovation plans, as you may need to update your Home Insurance policy. Some insurance companies will not insure your home if you have a pool, especially if you have pool accessories such as a slide or diving board.  You may also be susceptible to an increase in insurance costs, so it’s best to be informed before diving in.

You wouldn’t want to find out you don’t have the proper insurance coverage for your new pool after it has swimming pool insurancealready been put into your yard. You also may want to ask your agent about extra liability coverage with an Umbrella Insurance policy. If someone was to get injured in your pool, you could be held responsible. Pool accidents happen more often than you may think: anyone can slip of the edge of the pool or a neighborhood kid may say he can swim better than he really can. Talk to an agent and discuss your summer swim plans before putting in a pool. You’ll be able to take a relaxing swim knowing you have plenty of coverage in case something should happen.

Questions about your liability coverage? Give our agents a call and they can help you make sure you have the coverage you need to protect you at 888.865.1244! Our staff can also easily help to make changes to your home insurance when you install your pool.

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