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Spring Cleaning Your Business Insurance

Spring cleaning can be more than clearing out some clutter in your home. There are numerous ways you can sort through and organize different aspects of your life. A commonly overlooked area of spring cleaning is your business insurance policies. It’s important to reevaluate your insurance coverage periodically. Things can change, and before you know it, your small business can change. Take some time to spring clean your business to help ensure future success.

Declutter your closets

A staple of any spring cleaning regime is to declutter the space. Whether that’s getting rid of old equipment, furniture, or documents, review what you need, and what you do not. For certain items, such as old electronics, you may need to get a specialized disposal service. Removing the clutter helps prevent accidents from occurring.

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Digital Clearout

Cyberattacks are a threat to all businesses, regardless of size. Now is a great time to do a digital clearout. Remove any unnecessary documents, or move them to a secure location. Add on encryption for sensitive information. It’s also a great time to review permissions. See who has access to what information. Limit permissions to only those necessary. For more ways to help prevent cyberattacks, check out these tips.

Company Vehicles

Does your company have a fleet of vehicles? Or maybe you have a company car? Now’s the time to look at your commercial auto insurance. Is it time to ramp up coverage? Has the number of company cars changed? These are all questions you should be thinking about as you evaluate your business needs. Maybe now is the time to add more comprehensive coverage. If you have additional questions about commercial auto insurance coverage, ask your agent. They can help you find the right coverage for your business. It may also be a good time to bring your vehicles in for a maintenance check!

Property Coverage

Where is your business located and how does that affect your insurance? If you are a small business that operates out of your home office, your coverage can look different than that of a contractor. If your small business has moved locations, or grown, you may want to ask about commercial property coverage. 

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Business Interruption Insurance

Now more than ever, business interruption insurance is top of mind for many small businesses. This type of insurance helps cover the loss of income related to a disaster. While we always hope disasters won’t happen, they can be unexpected. This type of coverage can help keep your business afloat when these things occur. 

Reviewing Coverage

Another great way to spring clean is to review your existing insurance coverage. Work with your agent to see if they are still relevant to your business. Perhaps coverage looks different than it did last year. If you have questions or concerns about insurance, call up an Encharter agent. We are here to help you with your insurance needs.

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