Starting a Small Business? Encharter Insurance Can Help!

Chances are if you walk through your town, there’s great local businesses everywhere you turn, how lucky are we? Well, if you’ve dreamed of starting up your own small business, it’s a huge step, let us help you prepare. Before you get started there’s some things to consider, and we found some tips from the Small Business Administration that can help you see if you’re ready to be one of those great local businesses.

  • Find a mentor or counselor.
  • Research how to write a business plan and compile one.
  • Establish what kind of business you want to set up and what the structure will be.
  • Prepare your business finances.
  • Explore loans, grants, & funding.
  • Understand the laws and regulations associated with your business.
  • Come up with a plan to market your business.
  • Look into local resources that can help you.

Don’t be too overwhelmed by all of the thinking that needs to happen before you even get the ball rolling. We have great news! Encharter Insurance can help you with two of those: we can help you market your business with our Partner’s Program & we can help you with your CT Commercial Insurance. With locations in Simsbury, Watertown, Farmington, and Cheshire, there’s sure to be a local office that can help you with your small business needs.

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