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Teen Safety During Prom and Graduation Season!

The end of the school year is near, and exciting celebrations are on the horizon. Prom and graduation are momentous occasions in any teen’s life. From grad parties to after parties and other fun-filled events, safety may not be top of mind. But it’s important to be diligent and prevent accidents. During prom and graduation season, keep these tips in mind to help keep your teen safe!


Drinking and Driving

According to the CDC 1 out of 5 teens who were in involved in fatal crashes had consumed some amount of alcohol. And drivers under the age of 20 are 17 times more likely to die in a crash when they have been drinking. These stats are scary but drinking and driving is preventable.

Never let your teen, or anyone else, behind the wheel if they have been drinking. Even small amounts of alcohol can impair decision making and reaction times. Instead, have someone who is sober drive them home, or call them a taxi. With Uber and Lyft being widely available, it’s easier to get home without driving drunk.


Driving Education Courses

Enroll your teen into a driving safety course. These courses go over different driving scenarios and the best ways to stay safe if confronted. Often times, insurance companies will offer discounts to drivers who have completed a safe driving course. It’s never a bad idea to review the basic safety of driving. These driving courses are specific to your state laws. Each state has slightly different rules of the road. It’s a good idea to review the MA driving laws as a refresher.


Graduation Parties

While graduation parties often involve alcohol, they don’t need to. If you are hosting a grad party for your teen, consider having a dry party and serving other, alcohol-free beverages instead. If you do decide to have alcohol on your party, make sure no one gets behind the wheel if they have been drinking. One way to prevent this is to collect car keys upon arrival, so that they do not have the option to leave in their car if they are drunk.

If you are hosting, make sure to go over other hazards in your home as well. Things like pools and trampolines can be fun, but also dangerous. If anyone uses these, make sure there is always an adult to supervise. You should also talk to your insurance agent to make sure that your homeowners insurance is ready in case an incident occurs.


Prom Parties

Prom is another time where alcohol may be involved. Again, watch out for any drunk drivers. It’s also a good idea to talk over the dangers that they might face on prom night. Not only are drunk drivers a danger, but there could be social pressure to do things that are unsafe. Communication during these times can make a positive impact on your teen’s future. Create a plan with them in case they find themselves in an unsafe, or uncomfortable, situation.


This time is exciting for you and your teen, so celebrate! But when you do, keep safety in mind. You don’t want an accident to ruin this celebratory time in their life. Taking preventative measures is the best thing to do. But if something does go wrong, that’s when insurance may be able to help. Talk with your insurance agent about your teen’s auto insurance coverages before an incident occurs!

Congrats and let the celebrations begin!


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