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Stay Safe this Memorial Day

It’s time to break out the grill and get those burgers going. Memorial Day is nearing and so are those summer festivities. From parades to pool days and everything in between, summer is an action-packed season. But, make sure that you’re ready to tackle the potential dangers too. This Memorial Day, set yourself up for success with these tips!

Grilling Safety

Grilling is a necessity for many during the Memorial Day Weekend. But grilling comes with its own set of dangers to watch out for.

  • First, keep kids and pets away from the grill when in use. Never leave the grill unsupervised – you don’t want any accidents happening!
  • When you light your grill, do so with the top open.
  • Make sure there is plenty space around the grill. Don’t use it in a crowded area.
  • Before using it, clean off your grill. This can help prevent fire flare ups.
  • Once you are done making food, properly shut down the grill.
  • Before you start grilling, double check that you have proper safety equipment to put out a fire if one starts.

Pool Safety

Memorial Day often marks the first day of swimming season. If you are opening your pool for the season, this is a great time to review safety precautions.

  • Again, if there are any children or pets, make sure they are supervised around the pool. There should always be a trusted adult to watch.
  • If you do not already have one, put up a fence around the pool. This will help prevent young children from accidentally falling in.
  • Don’t let children in the pool if they cannot swim. Before letting them into the pool, sign them up for swimming lessons. It can be dangerous to rely on flotation devices.
  • Let your insurance company know that you have a pool. Pools are often part of your homeowners insurance, but it can depend on your insurer. They are a huge liability and the consequences for having one without telling your insurer can be severe.


Fireworks are fun summer spectacles. In many states, it is legal to set off your own fireworks.

  • Read up on your local laws regarding fireworks. They are put in place to help keep you and your community safe.
  • Only responsible adults should handle fireworks.
  • After lighting a firework, get a safe distance away in case something unexpected occurs.
  • Never light fireworks in a container of any sort.
  • Never aim fireworks at people, pets, or buildings.
  • Have fire extinguishers ready just in case.



Cracking open a cold beer is a summer luxury for some, but alcohol is notoriously dangerous. If you have alcohol during your Memorial Day celebrations, keep safety in mind.

  • Never drink and drive. Buzzed driving is still considered drunk driving. While the legal limit of alcohol is a BAC of 0.08%, even consuming a small amount of alcohol can impair driving ability.
  • If someone you know has been drinking, make sure that they do not get behind the wheel. Call them a taxi or rideshare if they need to get home. Or, have a designated driving bring them home.
  • Be careful when driving, too. Even if you haven’t had anything to drink, someone else on the road might have. If you see a drunk driver on the road, distance yourself from the car. Once you are in a safe location, you can call 911 to report them.


And of course, if you have any questions, talk to your insurance agent. They can help answer your questions on home insurance, auto insurance, and any coverage you may have. If you have any big changes, like a getting a pool, then let them know about those events as well. Insurance is there for when things don’t go as planned, so take precautions before an incident occurs.


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