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Summer Pet Safety Tips!

Just as you take extra precaution in the summer, your pets need some additional attention too! Your pet is a member of the family – make sure that they are ready for the hot months ahead. Here are some summer pet safety tips:

Protect Your Dog From the Heat

Dogs can suffer from overheating in the summer, so it’s important to be mindful of that. Never keep your dog in the car when it’s hot out – not even if you have air conditioning on. Even if it doesn’t feel too hot outside, temperatures in a car can rise rapidly, putting your pet in danger. If you need to step out of the car, bring your dog with you.

Avoid peak heat points throughout the day. Instead, take your pet out in the morning and evening to avoid the scorching sun. There are some dogs that are prone to overheating. These include snub-nosed dogs (like bulldogs or pugs), and older dogs, who may have a harder time with heat and breathing.

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Make sure that your dogs has a cool place to relax when it’s hot out. This could be an air-conditioned room in your home, or a shady place outside of the sun. Don’t forget to give them plenty of water as well.

Watch Out for Bugs

Bugs are especially bothersome in the summer. Regularly grooming your dog is one way to help prevent tick or flea problems. If you have a lawn, make sure that its kept short as bugs prefer to hide in longer grass. You should also be sure to regularly clean your pet’s bedding, cage, and toys. These items can harbor bugs, even if you don’t immediately see them.

If you notice any issues with bugs and pests, you may want to consult the vet on the best course of action. They can provide the best advice for your situation. Talk to your vet about the best way to prevent these pests!

Get A Life Vest

If your dog is around water, it is wise to invest in a life vest for your pet. Just like humans, your dog may need some extra help staying afloat if an accident were to occur. Though they may be a good swimmer, this extra layer of protection could save their life.

Many people enjoy bringing their dog onto the boat during the summer. If you take your dog out on a boat, you should equip them with a life vest. And no matter what, always supervise your pup when they are around water!

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Watch Out for Fireworks

Fireworks are not only dangerous, but they can also scare your dog. If you are setting off fireworks at your home, make sure that your dog is in a safe place, away from the action. Some pets may “take action” and run off or cause some trouble when they are scared. An easy way to ensure pet safety is simply by keeping them in a secure spot in your home.

After setting off fireworks, clean up your yard. Residue from the fireworks can be harmful if consumed by your pet. And, if you attend a local firework show, keep your pet on a leash. You don’t want them to run off!

Insurance for Your Pet

What if your pet gets scared by some fireworks and damages your neighbor’s property? What if they end up biting one of your guests? While we hope these things never happen, sometimes they do. Having insruance as a pet owner is an easy way to help financially protect yourself. It’s a good idea to be prepared for the worst. Before it’s too late, talk to your agent about your homeowners insurance policy. Ask them how you and your pet are protected if an incident occurs. You can learn more about pets and insurance here.

Keep pet safety top of mind this season. By being prepared, you and your dog can enjoy a fun-filled summer!

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