Summer Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

Summer Wedding.jpg

Are you getting married this summer?  If so, congratulations!  Weddings are a special and exciting time for you and your future husband or wife. You get to celebrate the beginning of your life together, while surrounded by your friends and family all dressed-to-impress.  But before the big day, make sure you check out this list of Do’s and Don’ts in order to insure that everyone will have the best time, even your single friends who might try to blame their sorrows on the heat. It’s no secret summer is a great time to have your special day, but given how hot it’s been this year, it’s important to keep the sun and heat in mind.


  • Plan shaded areas or portable air conditioning for outdoor venues.
  • Provide plenty of water for your guests – try finding decorative coolers that match your theme.
  • Plan your ceremony for the later afternoon or early evening.  Guests will enjoy the romantic sunset and relief from the heat.


  • Skip “save the dates” – give your friends and family ample time to plan their vacations around your special day.
  • Serve heavy meals.  Instead, offer a seasonal menu with grilled foods and frozen cocktails.  Your guests are more apt to enjoy the dance floor without a full belly anyways.
  • Wear heavy fabric.  If your heart is set on a ball gown dress for the ceremony, opt for a second dress in lighter material for the reception, or even one with a shorter skirt.  When all eyes are on you and the congratulatory hugs are endless, you’ll be glad not to be hot and sticky.

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