fall driving tips

Top Driving Tips For Fall 2020

With summer on its way out and autumn on its way back, it’s a great time to start thinking about prepping your car for the incoming season. Fall should be when you start gearing up for some colder weather. Slick mornings, fallen leaves, and shorter days all affect driving. Use these tips to help prepare you, and your vehicle, for...Read More
car insurance check list

Quick Car Insurance Checklist

There are many different factors that play into your car insurance policy. As you shop around for auto insurance, make sure to have these answers on hand. This can help streamline your shopping process and provide adequate information to your insurance professional. Use this car insurance checklist as shop around for quotes. Information About Your Car Give the insurance professional...Read More
4th of july

Common 4th of July Insurance Claims

The 4th of July is a popular holiday for grilling, getting together with loved ones, and having some fun outdoors. While the holiday brings lots of fun, it’s important to keep safety top of mind! Accidents can always happen. Being aware of how to mitigate those risks can help make your 4th of July go on without a hitch. Here...Read More
summer car insurance

Summer Car Insurance Tips

You might be ready for the summer sunshine, but is your car prepared? Getting your car ready for summer is more than just cranking the AC. Prep your car now so that you can enjoy the summer without thinking about car troubles! These summer car insurance tips can help your summer go without any hiccups. Call us at 413.475.283 Complete our...Read More
MA Car Insurance Windshield Damage

Does My Massachusetts Car Insurance Cover Windshield Damage?

Your windshield helps protect you from all the elements outside your car - precipitation, wind, harsh temperatures, and sometimes even debris. However, sometimes the beating that your windshield takes can result in chips or cracks. Damage can cause unsafe driving conditions, so it’s important to take care of any windshield damage that occurs. Windshield damage is common, but does your...Read More