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winter driving tips

25 Best Winter Driving Tips of 2018

In celebration of winter, we’ve compiled some helpful tips for driving in the winter. Be sure to always stay safe when you are behind the wheel! Here are our 25 winter driving tips:   Avoid driving if the weather is too bad (if you can). It’s always better to avoid a risky situation. Allocate plenty of time to get to... Read More
update insurance

Top 5 Reasons to Update Your Insurance

It can be easy to forget about your insurance coverages. Most of the time you can go long periods of time without thinking about it. But keeping your coverage up to date is important. Having the right and relevant coverages can help protect you and your family financially. So how do you know when it’s time to reevaluate your insurance?... Read More
fall driving tips

Top Driving Tips For Fall 2018

With summer on its way out and autumn on its way back, it’s a great time to start thinking about prepping your car for the incoming season. Fall should be when you start gearing up for some colder weather. Slick mornings, fallen leaves, and shorter days all affect driving. Use these tips to help prepare you, and your vehicle, for... Read More
summer driving tips

Top Safe Driving Tips for Summer 2018

This summer keep yourself and others safe on the road. Driving during the summer has its own set of challenges to be aware of. Summer rain and scorching heat can affect driving conditions. Being aware of the dangers that could be presented is just the first step in being safe. Use these tips to stay safe while driving:   Do... Read More
tornado insurance

Does Insurance Cover Tornadoes?

Natural disasters are an unfortunate part of life. As prepared as you might be, sometimes they can wreak havoc on your home. Tornadoes can be especially harmful to your home. Every year, tornadoes kill about 70 people and injure approximately 1,500 people. Even if you do not live in an area that is typically known for tornadoes, they can still... Read More
friend borrows car auto insurance

What If a Friend Borrows My Car?

Borrowing vehicles from friends and family can be a confusing part of insurance - what happens if you or someone else borrows a car from a friend? Who is insured? Is it legal? What if they get into an accident? It may not be apparent how your auto insurance policy works in these situations. Although borrowing a car from a... Read More

Distracted Driving in Amherst & Massachusetts State

Distracted driving is serious, and the problem is not just texting. As a U.S. state, Massachusetts is not free from responsibility. Why are Amherst and the state of Massachusetts at serious risk? What has been done to mitigate the problem in our state? The Problem According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 3,477 people were killed... Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Tell Insurance Lies

Whether you are guilty of the “I’m on my way” while still not dressed or you’re a bit of a story teller, telling your insurance lies is not something you should do. Do you lie about your insurance? When people speak to their agent it is so crucial they are honest with them about the questions being asked. It can mean... Read More

Auto Insurance Basics

Auto insurance can be confusing and overwhelming.  To help you understand it and make it a bit simpler, we have made a guide to auto insurance basics!   What is car insurance? Auto insurance is an agreement between and your insurance company. You pay the insurance company a certain amount (a premium) for a specified term (usually six months) and... Read More