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drowsy driving

How to Avoid Driving While Drowsy

Being alert while behind the wheel is important for the safety of you and others. Things can happen unexpectedly, and as a driver, you may need to make some quick decisions to avoid an accident. However, if you are tired or sleepy when driving, it could severely impair your ability to driver. Some studies have concluded that driving tired as... Read More
8 Tips for driving in the snow

8 Tips For Driving In The Snow

by Sarah DeLuca The first major snowfall of the year is always exciting. When you’re cuddled up inside and looking out your window at the beauty of winter, all you can think about is building a snowman and getting another mug of hot chocolate. When it’s time to drive to work the next day, however, the reality sets in that... Read More

The Science Behind Drunk Driving

  If you take a sip of alcohol, you should not be driving.  NHTSA reports that 32% of fatal car crashes involve alcohol. Across all 50 states, it is illegal to be driving with a Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) of 0.08. Many states have adopted a zero-tolerance policy – if a person has any alcohol in their system, it is... Read More