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assessing small business insurance

How to Assess Insurance for Your Small Business

Small businesses need insurance just as much as any large corporation would. Accidents and unexpected events happen, even if you don’t expect it. When these incidents occur, insurance is there to help protect your business financially. And because every business is unique, your insurance coverage should suit your business’s needs. Here are some considerations to evaluate as you begin to... Read More
spring showers

Get Ready for Spring Showers!

Though spring weather is known to be finicky and difficult, it’s a signal that winter is finally coming to a close. Those snow storms, icy roads, and low temperatures are fading away and the promise of warmth is lurking. Take this as an opportunity to prep your insurance for spring too! Making sure that your insurance policies are spring ready... Read More

Additional Coverage for Your Home

If you own a home, you probably have some home insurance. Typically, homeowners insurance covers the structure of your home, replacement of damaged goods, lawsuits involving personal injury, and living expenses in the event of a disaster. While these coverages are important to have, sometimes it can be unclear if it is enough coverage. Your basic home insurance is a... Read More

2018 Insurance Policies!

Welcome 2018! The start of the New Year is a popular time for people to re-evaluate and plan for the next 12 months. Most people try to include ways to improve their life, and whether that’s eating better or working out more, it’s a perfect time to try and change for the better. One great thing to do at the... Read More

Can I Get Flood Insurance for a Rental Property?

Yes! Between 20-50% of residents are renting properties. However, only about 2% of all flood insurance policies are for rental properties. Regardless whether you are renting or you own your property, you should consider getting flood insurance to help protect your financially from flood-related damage.   Only about 5% of renters have any sort of insurance to help protect their... Read More