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new years insurance resolutions

5 New Year’s Insurance Resolutions

The New Year is here and it’s the perfect time to think about ways to improve. Whether it’s related to your personal life, work life, or family life, now is a popular time to reflect upon ways to make the new year great! Similar to any other New Year’s Resolutions, you should consider ways to improve your insurance coverages. Insurance... Read More

Apps for Creating a Home Inventory

You have probably heard us mention the importance of putting together a home inventory before.Why is it important? If your home were to catch on fire or suffer from another form of damage that destroyed not only your structure, but also your belongings it’s important to know what you have. The idea of sitting down and making an inventory of... Read More

Home Insurance – Home inventory

You have taken the first step in protecting one of your major financial assets - your home.You have called you Encharter Insurance agent and have gotten a free, no obligation Home Insurance Quote. Now why not take the second step and take a home inventory. Your home insurance has several major parts, one of which covers the home itself from major losses... Read More