homeowners insurance in Massachusetts

Where To Find Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts

Shopping around for homeowners insurance in Massachusetts is the first step of the insurance buying process. But where do you start? It can be overwhelming trying to navigate all the different policies, insurance providers, and coverage options when it comes to buying homeowners insurance. If you are looking for homeowners insurance in MA, this quick guide can help you get... Read More

DIY Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Making sure that your home is safe for your family and any guests is important. Not only will it make visitors feel welcome, but you are also preventing accidents before they happen. Many accidents are preventable. The last thing you want is someone to slip and fall and get injured. It can ruin a fun gathering, and it can be... Read More
Dog bite insurance

What Do I Do I My Dog Bites Someone?

Though you may think that your dog is the most lovable ball of fluff, they can be a huge insurance liability! Being informed of the potential risks that go along with owning a dog can be greatly helpful in preventing accidents from occurring. If your dog does bite someone, it can be expensive. It’s a common occurrence, but not a... Read More

Ice Dam Prevention

Though icicles may be pretty to look at, they are byproduct of ice dams.  An ice dam is a buildup of ice on the edge of a roof or an eve.  These buildups are dangerous and destructive.  They can pull off gutters, loosen shingles, and even cause water leaks.  The more snow that builds up, the more likely ice dams... Read More

Think About Insurance While Wedding Planning

The second you get engaged, relatives and friends inevitably start asking “Did you set a date?” If you will be waiting a bit before getting married, good luck with fielding that question for years, but if you decide to start planning right away you may find yourself dealing with even more stress. This is one of the most exciting experiences... Read More