What is Google’s Hummingbird Update?

Just a few weeks ago, Google launched its largest search algorithm update since 2001. You’ll learn to adjust your marketing strategy to this update, known as Hummingbird. Its purpose is to filter through search engine optimized content to deliver higher quality search results. So how does Google’s Hummingbird update affect small businesses? With some help from Mashable, get your answers... Read More

Why Your Business Needs Twitter

It’s more than just hashtags! Twitter is a really important asset in all businesses. While it is amazing for personal use, that doesn’t mean that it won’t help your business too. But, don’t just start tweeting any random thoughts that pop into your mind. Make every word count and use it effectively to present your business in the best possible... Read More

Utilizing Pinterest for Your Marketing

Pinterest is another social media site that gives marketers the opportunity to generate customer engagement, increase brand awareness, or drive more traffic to their company’s website.  Very simply, Pinterest is a way to organize all of the things that you like on one “board”, whether its recipes, instructions for crafts, motivational sayings, pictures, or even videos, sort of like pinning... Read More

Managing Your Business on Google Just Got Easier!

On Monday, Google launched a new dashboard for businesses’ page owners, making it easier to manage their profiles and presence within Google. Google Maps, Search and Google+ are just three of the Google tools integrated into this new dashboard. You can also find your AdWords Express and Google Offers campaigns. On the dashboard, you’ll be able to see stats such as... Read More

Hey, Internet Marketing – What’s New?

It’s nothing new to hear that there are a bunch of changes in the world of Internet Marketing. Below, you’ll find some new features that have broken out in the last week. LinkedIn: You can now share more on LinkedIn, making it comparable to programs like Dropbox. You can now post images and documents, including slide show presentations and white papers, to your LinkedIn profiles.... Read More