Football Players and Motorcycle Insurance; yes they’re related

It is pretty well-known how extremely dangerous it can be to operate a motorcycle, some people like the hobby just because of the potential associated dangers. However, it may not be as well-known that thousands of people die each year in motorcycle accidents, and in many cases it was not the motorcycle operator’s fault. There is always a risk associated with driving a motorcycle, but...Read More

NE Snow & Ice Control Expo Next Week!

Well, Encharter Insurance is about to get ready to do a lot of traveling! We've got some expos to attend, so be sure to stay tuned by following our updates on Twitter© and Facebook©. But for now, the one coming up next week should be lots of fun! We’re going to be in Marlborough, MA at the New England Snow & Ice Control...Read More

Safe Shopping Online

It has long been known that the infamous “Black Friday” after Thanksgiving is the biggest sales day of the year. The not so historical counterpart of this pseudo holiday - Cyber Monday – is only recently beginning to get the hype many believe it deserves. The day is based around the same concept as Black Friday, the only difference being that...Read More

New Member to Encharter’s Sales Team!

Encharter Insurance is proud to introduce the newest member of our team, Scott Hye. Based out of our insurance office in Watertown, CT, Scott has filled the position of Senior Sales Executive, where he will focus on middle market placements for manufacturing, automotive, real estate, distribution and transportation industries. He also specializes in Workers Compensation with a focus in premium recovery for...Read More