Summer Driving Tips

"This year will be the summer of the road trip," said Aldo Vazquez, public relations spokesman for AAA. With trends showing that travel by planes, trains, ships and buses will decrease, the favored mode of transportation for travelers this summer will be by car. July and August are two of the deadliest months for summer travel with more car crashes... Read More

GE Washing Machine Recall

I will admit it…one of my favorite shows to watch on television is America’s Funniest Home Videos. So after years of watching washing machine mishaps on that show, and combine that with some stuff on Youtube, and I think it’s safe to say that the only thing people want coming out of their washer is their clean clothes. But according... Read More

Another Toyota Recall in the Works?

So if you own a car and you’ve been listening to the news like I have, you should have heard about the newest Toyota recall that may be in the company’s near future.Articles from every reporting agency are popping up all over your internet homepages on the automaker’s newest farce, including two from the Associated Press on Yahoo! News last... Read More