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assessing small business insurance

How to Assess Insurance for Your Small Business

Small businesses need insurance just as much as any large corporation would. Accidents and unexpected events happen, even if you don’t expect it. When these incidents occur, insurance is there to help protect your business financially. And because every business is unique, your insurance coverage should suit your business’s needs. Here are some considerations to evaluate as you begin to... Read More

Spark Google+ Engagement

Is your business on Google+? It’s obvious that there are some great SEO advantages to being active on a social media site directly connected with Google. If you are looking to switch things up and increase your Google+ engagement we have some great tips for you. Here are 5 ways to spark engagement on Google+: Make sure your text stands... Read More

Instagram Video is Here!

It’s official, Instagram video is here! What does that mean for Vine? I think only time will tell which people prefer. However, there are some differences between Instagram Video and Vine that should be noted. Instagram videos will allow for 15 seconds of video (instead of the six that Vine allows) and also for people to choose from thirteen filters for their videos. The new... Read More

Instagram Tagging Option

How often do the people you follow on Instagram post pictures of their Starbucks coffee with the encouraging caption like “this is the only thing getting me through this Monday”?  Or pictures of their Chipotle burritos with the mouthwatering title “this is hitting the spot”?  You may think to yourself, these might as well be advertisements for these companies. Well, now they can be!  With Instagram’s... Read More