Graduation Parties and Your Liability Risks

Graduation Parties and Your Liability Risks Graduation season is here, and along with that comes graduation parties. Graduation is a big deal in your teen’s life. It represents the transition from one stage of life to the next. Friends and family are invited over to celebrate the young graduate and more likely than not, a barbeque is in store. Before champagne... Read More

You Just Had A Car Accident, Now What?

Car accidents, even just fender benders, are an unfortunate fact of life. When you’re in a car accident, you want to be prepared, whether or not you caused the collision. Preparation will help you protect your ability to make an auto insurance claim against an at-fault driver, and also protect you if another driver falsely blames you for the accident.... Read More

The Most Common Business Insurance Claims

Fire: $35,000Your company more than likely has business insurance to survive certain unexpected—but possible—challenges. Without the right insurance, a theft or fire can cause devastating losses. A personal injury lawsuit can leave you struggling just to pay the legal fees and yet many small business owners don't take the time to evaluate their needs and get appropriate coverage. We often think of... Read More