Driving in Snow & Massachusetts Car Insurance

Do you like driving in the winter?  The scenery might make the view more enjoyable but that beautiful snow can make Massachusetts roads downright deadly!  Driving conditions in the winter are significantly different than the other seasons of the year.  Often times, drivers are not prepared for the changing of seasons.  This winter, be ready for the driving conditions by...Read More

Snow-less Winter Driving Safety Tips

Driving in to work this morning on the first full work week of the New Year, I saw some strange white stuff falling from the sky. It looked vaguely familiar until memories of men with corncob pipes and button noses flashed in my brain…SNOW! It’s hard to believe that it is already January and our little part of southern New...Read More

Prep Your Car for Winter & Your CT Car Insurance

This time of year always comes around and everyone talks about winterizing your home—but what about your car? Here are some tips for preparing your car for winter: Inspect your antifreeze Have your charging system checked Change your oil and oil filter Visually inspect all lights Evaluate tire tread condition Visibility is key to your safety-check window, windshield and windshield...Read More