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Workplace safety

2020 Tips for Workplace Safety

National Safety Month is here! As businesses and employees begin to transition back to work, it’s even more important to establish good workplace safety protocols. Having good safety in the workplace can help foster a healthier and happier work environment. Here are some tips for workplace safety after transitioning back from COVID-19. Workplace Training Make sure that employees and staff...Read More
Restaurant workers comp

Workers Comp Pitfalls for Restaurant Owners

For some restaurant owners, having workers comp can feel like a headache. But your workers compensation doesn’t need to feel that way. It can be a way for you to show that you care for your employees. Accidents happen sometimes, and workers comp is there to help protect the employees of your restaurant. When thinking about workers comp, avoid these...Read More
assessing small business insurance

How to Assess Insurance for Your Small Business

Small businesses need insurance just as much as any large corporation would. Accidents and unexpected events happen, even if you don’t expect it. When these incidents occur, insurance is there to help protect your business financially. And because every business is unique, your insurance coverage should suit your business’s needs. Here are some considerations to evaluate as you begin to...Read More
prevent workplace accidents

Tips to Prevent Workplace Accidents

Preventing workplace accidents is important to every small business owner. Not only is a financial burden for accidents to happen, it’s also important to help protect your employees. Workplace accidents are sometimes preventable. Here are common workplace accidents and how you may be able to avoid them. One of the most frequent causes of workplace injury are from materials handling....Read More