The Benefit of Twitter Advertising

At the end of April, Twitter announced that advertisements are available to the general population of Twitter users.  Now wait just a second – what’s the big deal?  We’ve all come across ads on Twitter before.  Since March of last year, Twitter offered select small businesses an opportunity to advertise.  However this was a trial period of invite-only – now there is a self-serve ad platform for anyone who wants to advertise on Twitter.

After feedback from the exclusive club of users able to advertise for over a year now, Twitter hopes that this new platform is both effective and efficient for all users.  What does this mean for businesses and e-marketing?  Twitter Ads is a great way for businesses that are already tweeting to gain further brand recognition.  Businesses must keep up with all of the new ways to market on social media if they want to stay ahead of the game. For more tips and tricks about Twitter, check out our feed!

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