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The Best Insurance for New Drivers

Learning how to drive is an exciting time in a person’s life.  However, teens are more likely to get into accidents due to lack of experience. When you are shopping around for car insurance for new drivers, it’s important that the coverage you choose will be there for them when accidents happen. Whiling insuring new drivers can be more expensive, there are some things that you should keep in mind as you shop around for coverage.


The Cheapest Insurance Might Not Be the Best

While it can be tempting to opt for the cheapest option, that’s not always the best idea. Especially with new drivers, you should look for coverage options that still offer adequate amounts of coverage. If your teen or new driver gets into an accident, but there’s a high premium, then you may be paying a lot out of pocket. Car insurance policies can have multiple coverages, so choosing some non-essential coverages may offer a safety net when things don’t go as planned. Learn more about why the cheapest insurance is not always the best choice.


Shop Around

Different insurers may offer different prices. It’s always a good idea to shop around before committing to a policy. You can work with an insurance agent. They can help you find the right coverage for new drivers.



Don’t forget to ask about discounts. When shopping for insurance for new drivers, discounts could help you save some money! You may find that you are eligible for discounts that you didn’t even know existed. Some common discounts to ask about include:

  • Good/safe driver
  • Multiple drivers
  • Multi-vehicle
  • Multiple policies
  • Payment by bank account
  • Paid in full
  • Good student
  • Group participation/affinity membership discount
  • Homeowner discount
  • Green vehicle discount
  • Car safety features


Staying On A Parent’s Policy

Staying on a parent’s policy is another option to help reduce insurance costs for new drivers. Depending on the parent’s driving record and history, it can help save thousands of dollars, rather than getting an entirely new policy. Also, adding a new driver to an existing policy may qualify you for multi-driver or multi-car discounts.


Drivers Education

Sometimes, you can get discounts on insurance for new drivers when they are enrolled in a driver’s education program. Though these programs often cost money upfront, they can help you save on auto insurance policies. Often, students can enroll in drivers ed classes through their school or a private institution. Specialized safety courses are another option to help lower insurance costs. For those who already have the license, taking refresher courses is never a bad idea either!


Take your time to evaluate your options. Car insurance for new drivers can be expensive, but there are options to help reduce your costs. Shopping around, looking for discounts, and working with your insurance agent can help you save. Thorough research can also help ensure that your policy will be enough in case an accident happens. Talking to an agent is a great place to start. They can help you find the right coverage for your new driver (and whatever else life throws at you)!


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