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Insurance Tips for Delivery Drivers

With the changing landscape, delivery is becoming a necessity for many businesses. For others, it has become a new source of income. Driving for delivery services like Postmates, Uber Eats, Door Dash, and other services can seem like a great revenue source. However, when it comes to insurance, things can get tricky. Here are some things delivery drivers should know:

Does My Auto Insurance Cover Me in the Event of an Accident?

Your personal auto insurance coverage is there to help protect you on the road. But when you are driving for a business or a delivery app, your coverage may not be enough. If you get into an accident and your insurance finds out it happened when you were doing a delivery, they could deny you coverage. This is because delivery driving is a business activity, and personal auto insurance does not typically cover business activities.

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Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage?

Commercial auto insurance helps cover vehicles associated with business. Business owners will need to have commercial auto insurance for their company vehicles.

However, as a delivery driver for a food delivery app, you may not necessarily need commercial auto insurance coverage. But, you will need to let your insurance know that you are using your car for delivery. If you do not let your insurance know that you are a delivery driver,  then you may be denied coverage after an accident because it was a business-related activity. Talk to your insurance agent if you have any doubts or concerns about driving for a delivery service.

Business-Use Add On

Another option is to get a business-use add on. This is an additional type of coverage you can add on top of your existing auto insurance policy. A business-use add on may be available. It can help cover you if you get into an accident while you are out doing a delivery. It’s important to talk to your agent about this type of coverage because state auto laws can differ.

Recent Changes to Policies

With the rise of delivery apps and the need for delivery services during the pandemic, some insurance companies have modified their policies. Some companies are extending personal auto insurance policies to help cover driver making deliveries of food, medicine, grocery, etc.

In addition, some states have started to urge auto insurance companies in this direction. States have also asked restaurants to list delivery drivers as add-ons to their existing business insurance policies. However, each state can differ in their rules. Talk to your agent to find out more about the laws in your state.

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Where Can I Get Coverage?

The best place to start is to talk to your insurance agent. It can be confusing trying to find insurance for delivery drivers. Especially with changing rules and restrictions in your state, getting the right coverage for your own situation is important. Some delivery apps will also offer their own coverages available to their drivers. Talk to your insurance agent about these options before committing to one of them. Do some research. The worst time to find out you don’t have enough coverage is when you get into an accident!

What If I Own a Business That Does Delivery?

If you are a business owner and plan to do deliveries, you should look into commercial auto policies. A great place to start is a BOP, business owner policy. This type of coverage is a bundle of some of the most essential types of insurance for small businesses. It can often be more cost-effective than buying policies individually. Talk to your insurance agent about the best course of action for your business! 


The world of delivery has changed a lot this year. Delivery services and apps have become essential for many people. And for others, it has become an opportunity to get some additional income. Regardless of your situation, it’s important to have adequate insurance coverage while you are on the road. Call up your insurance agent and let them know if you’ve decided to start doing deliveries. They can help make sure you’re covered!

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