Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool

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How are you holding up in the during this heat wave? Who even knew it could be so humid in Connecticut! While the heat definitely takes its toll on us, at least we can cool ourselves down. What about your poor pet in this weather? Here are some tips to help keep your pet cool as the temperatures rise:

  • Know the symptoms. Some symptoms of heat exhaustion include excessive panting, increased heart rate, drooling and milk weakness, and more severe symptoms include blood in their stool or vomit and seizures.
  • Lots and lots of water! It’s easy for pets to get dehydrated in the heat so make sure they have plenty of water at home. Especially after your pet has been outdoors or while they are outdoors, make sure there is a water bowl around.
  • Save outdoor time for after the sun has set or early in the morning. During the peak hot times of the day let your dog stay indoors for the most part, enjoying the cool air in your home.
  • Find them shade if you are outside. Make sure there is a shady place nearby if they do get hot and always be mindful of how hot the ground or sand is on their paws.
  • Leave your pet at home. If your furry friend loves car rides, it may be best to keep them at the house when you’re running errands. Any time spent in car with high temperatures can be dangerous for your pet, even for a short time.
  • Keep your pet’s breed in mind. Did you know flat-shaped face breeds like Boston terriers and Persian cats (just to name a few) can’t pant as effectively? This makes them more susceptible to heat stroke so be especially careful with breeds like those above. Also keep in mind your pet’s age, if they are overweight, and if they have any special conditions.
  • Be careful about trimming. You may think by shaving  your cat or dog that you are helping them with the heat, but their hair and layers may be protecting them from overheating and sunburn. Do your research before you make that grooming appointment to shave your pet. Keep in mind, brushing  your long haired animal to remove loose fur can help prevent overheating.

Of course it’s also important to make sure when you leave them home alone they are cool and have enough water to last however long you will be gone. While your pooch may not be too happy about not going out to play, they are definitely safest in your home. Your dog is protected and covered in your home, but is your home protected and covered? Call our agents today about CT Home Insurance! There’s no better time to get started on a quote than while you and your pets are keeping cool in your home avoiding the heat wave.

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