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Top 5 Reasons to Update Your Insurance

It can be easy to forget about your insurance coverages. Most of the time you can go long periods of time without thinking about it. But keeping your coverage up to date is important. Having the right and relevant coverages can help protect you and your family financially. So how do you know when it’s time to reevaluate your insurance?


  1. When You Move

Moving is a big life milestone. Whether it’s your first home, or fifth home, moving is a big deal. There are many different factors of a home that can affect your insurance coverage. The size and value of your home, the area it’s located, and proximity to the fire station can all play into your coverage. If you are moving, or even if you have recently renovated, call your insurance agent and let them know. They can help you make sure that you home is well protected from whatever life throws at it.


  1. If You Get a Pet

Depending on what state you live in, homeowners insurance may include coverage for your pet. Pets are a huge liability, so it’s important that you disclose it to your insurance company. Though your new pet may seem harmless now, if anything should happen in the future, you want to be prepared.


  1. If you Install a Pool or Trampoline

Pools and trampolines are fun backyard activities to have, but they can also be dangerous. Every year people get injured or even drown in pools. Though we hope nothing bad happens at your home, it’s essential that you speak to your insurance agent if you plan to add these to your home. Also, be sure to check out these pool safety tips!


  1. If you Get a New Car

Regardless if you get a new or used car, you need to tell your insurance agent. Most states require having a car insurance policy.  Switching up your ride could affect your insurance coverage and rates. Perhaps you need to up your coverage, or maybe you want to add to your existing policy. No matter what, take some time to call up your agent and let them know about the change.


  1. Do Seasonal Checkup

It’s not a bad idea to do a quick insurance check-up. Your needs may change with the seasons. Perhaps you have a motorcycle or boat that you plan to keep in storage this winter. Or maybe you want to add flood insurance before the spring weather hits. Being prepared for whatever the weather brings is important. Talk to your agent about the best ways to stay safe even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.


Insurance is a safety net for when things go wrong. It’s a good idea to evaluate your coverage and make sure that your ready for whatever life throws at you. Life is unexpected and that’s why insurance is important. Call up your insurance agent today to talk about your current policies and make sure that they are still suited for your life.


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