Utilizing Pinterest for Your Marketing

Pinterest How to

Pinterest is another social media site that gives marketers the opportunity to generate customer engagement, increase brand awareness, or drive more traffic to their company’s website.  Very simply, Pinterest is a way to organize all of the things that you like on one “board”, whether its recipes, instructions for crafts, motivational sayings, pictures, or even videos, sort of like pinning them to a bulletin board.  Businesses can use Pinterest to build a relationship with their customers by sharing interesting photos as well as sharing information about their company.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when using Pinterest in your social media campaign:

Strategy – is your goal to increase brand recognition? Drive traffic to your website?  Or just to create engagement with your customers?  Or perhaps it’s all of the above. Pin accordingly to your strategy.

Percentages – who would want to follow a company that only posts about their business?  Boring!  Only pin about yourself 20% of the time and split the other 80% amongst motivational, inspiring, instructional, educational, or just interesting pins.  In your allotted 20%, make sure to include profiles, specials, contests and other fun videos like “meet the staff”.

Easy buttons – add a “pin it” button to every blog post or page on your website to make it easier for others to share.  Also, a “follow me on Pinterest” button on your homepage will likely result in more followers.

Promote others – engage with the community by repining, or liking their pins.

Cross promote – post about your Pinterest page on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Multimedia – mix it up by posting more interactive videos, tutorials, behind-the-scene tours, demos, as well as creative photos.

Placement – make sure your most important pins are in the middle of your first or second row of your board where people will be more likely to see it.

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