Ways For College Students to Utilize LinkedIn

Social professional networks like LinkedIn are quickly growing as one of the most common ways for a recruiter to find their perfect new hire.  College students need to take advantage of this!  But, don’t wait until graduation to start creating your LinkedIn profile; you’ll be behind.  College is the perfect time to start utilizing this great networking sight and to build your profile.  You don’t want to miss out on opportunities, do you?  Make sure you check out these tips of things for college students to include in their profiles so you’ll be an even more marketable candidate for your dream job come graduation.

Profile Picture – Don’t worry about looking too young, as long as you’re posing professionally – adding your face to your name will make you more than just a hyperlink in the eyes of the recruiter.

Extracurriculars –Be sure to include the clubs you actively participated in, any internships you’ve held, and don’t forget about any relevant coursework you’ve completed.

Recommendations – LinkedIn recommendations aren’t solely from previous employers.  Adding one from a professor or adviser, especially one with experience in your field that knows you personally, will complement your academic accomplishments.

Industry Leaders – Don’t be afraid to connect with influential people in your industry.  This is one of the best benefits of a site like this – don’t waste it.  Industry leaders are likely to respond positively to personalized requests that include a connection (such as the same hometown) or a compliment (if you can’t find a connection) as well as a reason to connect other than searching for a job.

Relevant articles – By posting and commenting on articles relevant to your major, you’re showing that you are indeed keeping up to date with your career field.

Non-linear career paths – LinkedIn allows you to search back to see not only where people are today, but how they got there as well.  Understanding these varying career paths might encourage a positive career decision that others in your industry might mistakenly avoid.

Spelling and grammar – Even though this should go without saying, the little things do matter so take the time to make sure your profile is free of error.

If you have any other questions about starting to build up your profile, connect with us on LinkedIn.  We can answer any questions you may have about LinkedIn or more generally about branding yourself on social media.

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