What Can You Do During a Power Outage

I remember my freshman year in college when I sat on the third floor of Hall 15 and waited with other freshmen on my floor for the “Great Bryant Power Outage.” We had big plans to play Manhunt and enjoy not having class the next day. Of course, the power outage never came. Now I find myself lost in all my layers (I feel like Randy from A Christmas Story… “I can’t put my arms down!!”), trying to eat all the perishable items in the fridge and clueless as to how to live pre-electricity. If you’re looking for some ideas for this power outage, or even the ones to come, ehow.com has some instructions to passing the time during a power outage:

  • Play a game of cards with the family.
  • Weather permitting, go outside for some outdoor fun. Whether it be sledding or building a snowman in the winter, or running and biking during the nicer months, enjoy the light while you have it.
  • Ghost stories are exciting during the evening hours.
  • Look through old pictures, or create a scrapbook of memories.
  • Take this time to clean your house! Reorganize closet space or drawers. Do some dusting. There aren’t too many distractions during a power outage.

For more family fun ideas, howtodothings.com has a list of fun things to do during a power outage:

While you have light…

  • Read a book outloud. Whether it be a picture book or a chapter book, the time will pass more quickly.
  • Play board games. Even if you don’t have young children, I’m sure you still have a stash somewhere. Chutes & Ladders, Candyland, Trouble, Sorry!, Life and Monopoly are just a few ideas to get you started.
  • Puzzle time! Recruit the whole family to finish a puzzle.

When it gets dark…

  • Play Charades.
  • Now that there’s snow on the ground and temperatures get much too low at night, camping outside is more difficult. But keep it in mind for the warmer weather months!
  • Camping in the living room is an alternative. Set up your sleeping bags and spend the night on the living room floor.

Hopefully you have some ideas for the next few days and nights (depending on your power situation) and for future power outages. Stay warm, or find a friend who has power and stay with them! If you are traveling to another area of the state, make sure you and your family are safe with your MA Auto Insurance policy. Don’t get caught without proper coverage, including: liability, collision, medical and comprehensive. Speak with an expert MA insurance agent at Encharter Insurance to answer any questions and for a free quote!

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