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What If I Get Into A Car Accident While Social Distancing?

Getting into a car accident, regardless of what’s going on in the world, can be a scary and confusing time. Being under social distancing orders can add to the stress. Despite social distancing regulations, the post-accident procedure is largely the same. You may need to take some extra precautions to help keep you, and others, safe. 

Get Medical Attention

Despite social distancing orders, it’s important to get medical attention if needed. If you are involved in an accident or see one, call 911! Emergency services are still operating, so do not hesitate if immediate assistance is required.

If injuries are minor, you may want to call your doctor first. Over the phone, they can help evaluate the severity and can help direct the best course of action. Some doctors are now seeing patients via video calls. In either situation, the priority is to get safe medical attention if necessary. 

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Calling the Police

Normally, after an accident, parties involved can call the police to take account of the situation. Though social distancing may be in place, you should still call your local police. Law enforcement is still operating and they are able to file a report. If they are unable to come to the scene of the accident, document what happened with pictures and videos. You can also file a report yourself at the police department.

Collecting Evidence

It’s important that you document the collision. Use your phone to take photos and videos. Make sure to capture the damage caused to any vehicles involved. You should also document the surrounding area for evidence. This could include skid marks, signs, surrounding debris, and other damaged areas. And, if there are any witnesses to the accident, verbally ask them for their contact information. Stay at a safe distance when exchanging info.

Exchanging Information With Others Involved

Typically, after a collision, there is an exchange of information with those involved. This includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Insurance company
  • Policy number
  • Driver license number
  • License plate number

However, keep social distancing rules in mind. Make sure to stay a safe distance apart. Avoid handing over paper or written information. Instead, have the other driver verbally articulate each piece of information so you can write it down yourself. 

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Towing or Moving Vehicles

After a car accident, you may not be able to drive your car away. If you need your car to be towed, you should try to find a safe way to be transported. Try calling a member of your household to pick you up. If that’s not possible, wear a mask when traveling with others. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

Call Your Insurance Company

Although it’s unfortunate to get into an accident while social distancing, it can still happen. Knowing what your auto insurance covers, and doesn’t cover, can help give you a better understanding of the situation. You can always call your insurance agent for clarification. They are there to help you with your auto insurance needs.

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