Where Do You Stand on the Facebook Addiction Scale?

Facebook is a social phenomenon that has grown exponentially since its launch. While Facebook has allowed countless people to connect, share experiences, and express themselves, in many ways it is considered both a blessing and a curse. The constant stream of new pictures, information, and statuses can be overwhelming for some, but there are studies and new evidence that suggests certain individuals actually become addicted to the renowned website. If you have a creeping suspicion that you could be suffering from a Facebook addiction, or as SocialTimes calls it “FAD”, here’s what to look out for:

1.       Increased Tolerance: You start out using Facebook for a mere hour. Then the hour turns to three hours, then five, then sure enough you’re spending an entire work day looking at profile pictures and engagement albums.

2.       Withdrawal Symptoms: Maybe your computer crashed, or the Facebook mobile app isn’t working properly on your cell phone. Either way, you’re jittery, anxious, and just downright irritated that you can’t update your status.

3.       Reduction of “Normal” Activities: Your friends call you, asking to make plans and to meet up, but you’d rather stay in and keep a watchful eye on your internet crush. You spend less and less time with family in friends simply to satisfy your need for Facebook.

4.       Virtual Dates:  So you’re going on a date, and it’s not with that handsome man you met in class. You’ve begun to replace real romantic dates with virtual dates between you and one of your Facebook friends.

5.       Fake Friends: Take a look through your Friend List. If you don’t know 8 out of every ten of your friends, you may have a serious case of FAD.

6.       Complete Addict: Every message, notification, and like you receive gives you butterflies. Your puppy has a Facebook with nearly as many friends are you do. You have totally disengaged from your friends and family and have replaced normal relationships with online ones.

While it sounds sort of funny, Facebook addiction can actually be very detrimental to your day to day life. Facebook is an awesome tool to supplement real relationships and to network with many individuals, but it should never supersede real life romances or friendships. So keep using Facebook responsibly and check our page out at Encharter Insurance .

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