Why Home Inventory is Important for CT Home Insurance

I helped my parents move last year and it was quite a project. They had lived in the same house for over 20 years and I was amazed at how much stuff they had accumulated in 2 decades. And while I am sure that I will get to that point after I’m married, have kids and live in the same house for a long time, I still couldn’t help but wonder: “What would happen if this place goes up in flames? How do they know what they have so that they can protect it?”

Well if you’re anything like my parents (as most average homeowners are), then you have no idea what’s in your home (with the exception of the items that you see on a regular basis) because you have not created a home inventory. Creating a home inventory helps you to be prepared for when disaster strikes.  When a major loss occurs, your CT Homeowners Insurance company needs as much information from you as possible about what items need to be replaced: furniture, electronics, media, etc. They will want to know when you bought it and how much you paid for it—putting together such an exhaustive list of your possessions is a huge undertaking while in distress and you might even do yourself a disservice by forgetting to include certain items. Taking the time now, while you are in a stable and steady frame of mind, to put together an inventory and store it in a safe, secure place (e.g. on thumb drive in a safe or a safe deposit box) can help make dealing with a tragedy that much easier.

Another place you might want to try storing this inventory is online, where it can’t get washed away, blown away or burned. The Insurance Information Institute has created a website called, www.knowyourstuff.org to help you put together a home inventory and then store it online safely so that you’re sure it’s always there. They make it easy to update too! Check it out and prepare yourself to deal with tragedy in the best way possible.

Your CT Insurance agent at Encharter Insurance would love to talk to you about how you go about creating a home inventory for your CT Home Insurance company to prepare for a loss. We’re homeowners just like you, so we understand what’s at risk when your home is threatened. Let us help you out!

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