Why You Should Update Your Software

When you get those pop ups about software updates, do you update your software, or do you immediate close it? Updating or patching your software is an easy but critical way to prevent a cyber attack. Most cyber attacks are on known and exiting pieces of software. Existing software can be exploited through known vulnerabilities.


What does a software update do?

Sometimes updating your software may just feel like a chore. But a software update can do a lot. First, it may add additional features to your software for increased usability. Updates can also remove old features, or deliver bug fixes. It can also address weaknesses. Developers are able to detect a weakness in the software and put and a band aid on it before a hacker exploits it first. Addressing and fixing security holes is essential for cyber security


What if I don’t update?

By neglecting to update your software, you are leaving the door open for malware to infiltrate your computer. Hackers are able to write code to get through software and wreak havoc on your computer. You could get a virus, you could have sensitive information stolen, you could even lose control of your computer. Here are the most cyber security attacks. If you are faced with a data breach, it could be devastating to you and your small business. Your customers may lose faith in you, and you may have expensive claims filed against you.


What are the types of software updates?

There are a lot of things that may require updates. Some applications and software will automatically update, which is more convenient.. Other things may require you to manually click the update button. Your browser is one thing that should be updated. Things like Microsoft Office, Adobe applications, and other productivity things should be too. And even your computer’s operating system needs to be updated regularly (think: Windows and OSX). As a general rule of thumb, if it asks you to install updates, you should do so.


By keeping your computer’s software up to date, you can prevent a lot of cyber attacks from affecting you. Remember the data breach at Target or Equifax? Though those seem like big company problems, you can be faced with similar situations as a small business owner. Don’t assume your immune because your business is smaller. In fact many hackers target small businesses because they are often less equipped with security measures. Being knowledgeable about cyber security will help prevent data breaches. Informing your employees too will help keep your company safe. Here’s more ways to prevent Cyber Attacks.


Call your insurance agent about cyber insurance. Sometimes, you can’t prevent a cyber attack from affecting your business. That’s where cyber insurance comes in. It acts as another security net in case your business is faced with a data breach. Click here to learn more about cyber insurance. You can also call your insurance agent to talk about how cyber security works and what coverage your business needs. They can help you get the insurance policies you need to keep your business safe from cyber attacks.


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