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Winter Wedding Tips & Your MA Insurance

While this is mostly for the ladies, as we are, by nature, a little more wedding obsessed, men could also pick up some pointers. When most of us envision weddings we think of them as being in the summer, in the warm weather, but winter weddings are becoming increasingly more popular. Not only are they more popular, but they are also a great way to save money. Because there is less of a demand in the “wedding off season” wedding vendors and venues are more likely to give you a better deal.

Now you can take that money you’ve saved and use it to add these winter wedding must haves to your special day:

  • Fur (or faux fur). There’s nothing more glamorous for a bride and her bridesmaids than the look of fur. While fur will add an old Hollywood look to your wedding, it is also practical in the sense that it can keep you warm!
  • Pies. You may be asking yourself what is she talking about, but it is the perfect warm, winter comfort food for your wedding. While they will probably be enjoyed more than a cake, they will also be another way of saving you money.
  • Wintery theme. Of course no wedding in the winter would be complete without a theme highlighting the season. Of course if your event is close to a holiday like Christmas or Valentine’s Day that will be your theme, but using blues and whites can make for a calming, wintery feeling for your guests.

So much goes into planning a wedding that it is easy to get lost in the shuffle, there is one other thing you should be adding to your “to-do” list. Meet with your MA insurance agent and talk to them about some changes that may need to be made to your Massachusetts insurance policy. For example now that you are married, and have two cars, it may be a good idea to combine your MA auto insurance policies. And while your term life insurance may have been the best option before, now that you are married you may want to look into a whole life insurance or term & whole life together. Updating your insurance policy will be a good idea no matter what so contact Encharter Insurance to talk to someone about how you could save money.

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