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Workers Comp Pitfalls for Restaurant Owners

For some restaurant owners, having workers comp can feel like a headache. But your workers compensation doesn’t need to feel that way. It can be a way for you to show that you care for your employees. Accidents happen sometimes, and workers comp is there to help protect the employees of your restaurant. When thinking about workers comp, avoid these pitfalls:

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Employing Poor Restaurant Staff

While workers comp may be mandated by your state, there are ways to help reduce your costs. When you are hiring a new employee, take the time to find the right people. Consider their background, where they came from, and the successes they’ve had. You should also do a background check, or even a drug test. These tools, along with an effective interview strategy, can help you get the right people on your restaurant staff.

Not Having a Strong Return to Work Plan

Workers comp can add up if your employees are out for a long period of time. Even if you have an all-star team, accidents happen. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a strong return to work plan in place. Getting your employees back into the swing of things can help prevent major costs from adding up.

Lower Rates are Not Equal to Lower Costs

If your rates just went down, it doesn’t mean you’ll have more cash in your pocket. One major factor that plays into premium adjustment is the experience mod. This is simply a factor that helps adjust for your previous losses based on industry averages. So, if you’ve had a few workplace injuries in the past, the experience mod would take that into account. When looking at rates for your restaurant business, have your insurance agent double check this number.

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Neglecting Workplace Safety

The best way to keep workers comp costs down is to prevent accidents. There are a lot of potential hazard in restaurants so it’s important to stay ahead of them. From wet floors, to burns, kitchen fires, and kitchen tools, they can all be hazards. Train your staff about these dangers and give them a refresher periodically. Give them the tools to do their job safely.

Not Keep Employees in the Loop

If your employee is out because of injury or illness, keep them in the loop. Not only is it good practice for your return-to-work program, but it also makes your employees feel valued. Talk to their healthcare providers as well to see how they are recovering. Making employees feel valued can help increase their likelihood to stay at your restaurant after recovery.

Not Talking to Their Insurance Agent

Talk to your insurance agent about workers comp and the steps you can take to improve, lower costs, or implement a better program. They can also help answer any additional questions about workers comp in the restaurant industry. They are there as a resource for you as you continue to build your restaurant business and can help you find the best coverage for your situation.

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