Your Connecticut Insurance; What Does It Have To Do With Wal-Mart’s Losses Last Quarter?

Retail giant Wal-Mart posted a 2 percent loss in revenue in its latest quarter. The titan of industry made some changes that didn’t take, and they are “suffering” with the losses. However, these figures are only accurate with U.S. sales.

As a global company, Wal-Mart actually saw sales rise by 2.4%, so we won’t see them closing shops any time soon, much to the dismay of local businesses. Still, top executives are disappointed with the results and will be enacting competitive changes to regain any losses they might have incurred.

Although stressful and annoying to many other retail owners, Wal-Mart is able to continually offer discounted items to the delight of the struggling American consumer. But with the 2008 Recession behind us, we can hope to see a surge in the sales industry and a decline in unemployment.

Until then, we will continue to look for ways to save money and cut costs. We avoid bills and payments whenever we can, but avoiding our Connecticut insurance bill is an unwise decision. Common logic has the insurance bill being the second most important one to pay, after your mortgage.

If you are still looking for ways to save, getting both your CT home insurance and CT car insurance with Encharter Insurance can save you 15%.

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