Your First Car Is ValuableBe Sure You Have the Right Insurance

Do you remember your first car? I loved mine. It was a forest green 1999 Volvo S70 with tan leather interior and it was great! That little car took me back and forth to college, back and forth to work, and kept me safe the whole time. I have lots of good memories in that car and lots of life lessons learned as well—how to be a responsible driver, how to be a responsible car owner by paying bills on time, etc. Your first car is so much more than a vehicle—it’s your first small step into adulthood and your first small taste of independence. Be sure to protect it with “know-how” (here’s a link to a First Car Guide for First Car and New Car Buyers) and the best possible insurance policy for the best possible price.

At Encharter Insurance, we specialize in insuring first cars, family cars and hobby cars alike—it doesn’t matter what stage of life you and your car are in because we can help! Our knowledgeable and friendly staff want to help you find the car insurance policy that is the best fit for your car and your budget. So be sure to contact your local Encharter Insurance agent today and let them assist you!

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