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Your Spring Break Budget & MA Auto Insurance

Next week is spring break and you don’t have plans yet? There may still be hope! Whether you are a college student or a family, one of the biggest setbacks to planning a spring break vacation can be your budget. While it depends on where your destination of choice may be and obviously on your own personal budget, some of these tips may help you save money on your vacation, allowing you to get away next week:

Use privileges you already have: In case you didn’t already know, being a AAA member can really save you money! Not just for shopping, but having your AAA member card can save you 20% on some rental car companies, and 40% on some theme park tickets.

Stay at a hotel with a microwave and/or a kitchen: This is an easy way to save money on your trip. Eating out or getting rooms service for all of your meals can really add up! Instead of eating all your meals out, you could make them yourself. This goes for college students and families, no matter what you’re stocking your fridge with for spring break, it is guaranteed to save you money, considering what you would pay for those items at restaurants.

Last minute deals: Some travel sites, such as TravelZoo have full sections dedicated to last minute deals. You never know when airlines or hotels have flights or rooms that they are trying to fill up and it could really benefit you if they’re desparate.Unfortunately you are more likely to find last minute deals on hotels, rather than flights, but if you find a great hotel deal you could always drive!

Pack the apps:  Decided to drive and now you’re looking for the cheapest gas prices on your road trip? There’s an app for that! For just $2, you can download the “Lowest Gas Prices Finder” app to locate the cheapest gas prices around you. All you have to do is plug in your area’s zip code, and a list of nearby gas stations with the best prices will come up!

If you do decide part of your spring break will be driving to your destination, make sure you and your family are covered with MA auto insurance. You don’t want an unfortunate accident on this spring break to later end up costing you future spring break trips! Getting the right MA auto insurance coverage can be easy, with the help of a local Encharter Insurance agent.

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